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Aviral is a clinician and a scientist. He believes that evidence based health related information can prevent a lot of disease, anxiety and save people their precious health and money. A doctor who believes that every human being, regardless of their education or financial status, should be provided with credible scientific health information in understandable terms so that one can enjoy one’s life to the full. Science is moving at a very fast pace and the gap between science and a common person’s understanding of it is widening. This leaves an open space for quacks and pseudoscience to flourish. Let us combine forces to understand better and spread the evidence based health information so that both science and humans, benefit from this endeavor. Every drop in the ocean makes a difference, let us do our part.



Prayas is a budding successful entrepreneur who specialises in public outreach, system development and media management. He is a keen video grapher with a passion for social welfare. He is a great team player and an inspiring leader. 


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Chandra is the perfect stringent eye on the smooth flow of creative ideas from conception to realisation. He prides in being meticulous in whatever he does. A relaxed father who enjoys spending time with his family.



Valli, an advertising copywriter and now a filmmaker, brings with her a thorough training in communication design & strategy. Her current ventures deal with conflicts between science & irrational thought reflecting her quest to simplify science and inculcate its spirit of inquiry among all.

Her past work at agencies McCann Erickson and Foote Cone & Belding Ulka include launching, among other brands, Tropicana, LML Bikes, Radisson in India. As filmmaker her first feature film on water, energy and climate, ‘SunGanges’ shook up some people, won major international awards before making it to Netflix for a couple years.

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